And Peter

Peter had not intended to become a backslider. Boldly he had proclaimed his loyalty, even being willing to stand alone. But there is a difference between determination and daily living. Dedication is only tested in the fire of experience. It is one thing to talk about ability to overcome temptation and quite another to prove it when doing battle with the tempter.

After his three denials of Christ, Peter went out and wept bitterly. The gospels are silent about his actions during the Crucifixion and some have thought he fled the scene, but in his first epistle he states that he was a witness of the sufferings of Christ (see 1 Peter 5: 1). What a sad picture he presents as he watches the Lord’s sufferings through his tears!

Interestingly, in the instruction given to the women who came to the tomb after the Resurrection, Peter is the only disciple that is named. The message of the Resurrection must go to brokenhearted Peter. By that time, he may have doubted that he could be considered one of the disciples, so the Lord made sure that he knew that he was invited to the coming meeting with them. Though he had failed, His Lord loved him.

You may live with doubts and regrets. Perhaps you had great hopes of serving Christ but temptation came and you yielded. Now you think the Lord is through with you. Remember Peter. Like the denying disciple, you are the special object of God’s love!