At My Front Door

Soulwinning is everybody’s business. When our
Lord Jesus issued the Great Commission, He did
not direct it just to preachers, or the highly
educated, or the good talkers.

He sent us all… and made us all equally
responsible. Yet, sadly, I’m told that the vast majority of
church members today have not won another
person to Christ in the last 12 months. In fact,
most Christians surveyed said they have never
personally led anybody to the Lord.

Why? I’m convinced it is not because they don’t
care. Most Christians I meet are very concerned
about the lost. They are praying for unsaved loved
ones and many are giving to support missionary
and evangelistic ministries. They rejoice to hear
good reports of precious souls won to Christ.

Why, then, have they not become soulwinners personally?

I believe it is because they feel unworthy and
unprepared to talk with another person about
something as important as his or her personal salvation.

“I don’t know what to say… or where to find the
right scriptures,” people often tell me. “And if
someone asked me a question, I’m not sure I’d
have the right answer. What if I said or did the
wrong thing and kept someone from being saved?”

Have you ever felt this way? Well, let me tell you
from my own personal experience that there is
something YOU can do for the Lord. You can
personally witness to others and help lead them to
make a decision for Christ.

Do what you can do!
   I have been privileged to share in the
soulwinning efforts of my church and this evangelistic
ministry. I have sung before thousands in crusade
and convention services… and to millions on
national television. I have been part of all the
outreaches of the Jack Van Impe Ministries over the
years, when more than 600,000 decisions for
Christ were recorded.

This is one of the great joys of my life. But even
more fulfilling personally — and for my husband
— is the opportunity to reach people on a one-to-one
basis. Let me give you an example of how
committed Jack is to this calling.

Just before one of our national TV specials was
aired, my husband felt impressed to personally
invite all the people in our neighborhood to watch
the program. He printed up a little flyer that said,
“Hi, neighbor,” and included an informal
invitation to tune in, listing the day, time, and channel.

We didn’t get home that night until about 9
o’clock, and Dr. Van Impe had a flight to catch at
6 o’clock the next morning. Besides, it was
storming, with rain and lightning. But he insisted
on getting the invitation flyers delivered. He got
on his bicycle and rode through the rain to each
house in the neighborhood. Who knows how
many did watch the special and hear the gospel proclaimed!

Be God’s representative in your everyday living

I’d also like to share with you about the little
mission field the Lord has given me just a few
blocks from home.

I tell you this, not to call attention to myself, but
to show you that God has a ministry for each of us
— a job we can do that no one else can accomplish.

When I’m not on the road with my husband, I
often stop by a small shopping mall near our
home. It has many convenient stores and shops,
and when I can spare a few minutes, I enjoy just browsing.

During my visits there, the Lord has given me
opportunities to witness to several of the workers
there — waitresses and sales ladies — and to lead
some of them to Christ.

Now, I didn’t go there with my Bible under my
arm, looking for someone I could talk with. In
almost every case, the individual would approach
me and start the conversation.

Sometimes they’d say, “Why are you always so
happy? There’s something different about you!”
Or when I asked how they were doing, they might
say, “I’m having a problem…” and begin to pour
out their heart to me.

They didn’t care whether or not I was a Bible
school graduate or even what church I went to.
But they sensed my love and interest in them…
and they wanted to hear my personal testimony.
Helping them pray and accept Jesus was just so
natural and easy, then.

These girls might never have watched our TV
program, or attended a crusade or church service.
But right there, in their world, they were
searching and hungry… and so receptive.

You can be a soulwinner

There are people in your world that only you
can reach. They don’t need you to preach to them,
or persuade them. They just need you to share
with them the same joy and power that helps you
through life.

Every person you work with or go to school with
…every waitress, or sales person, every visitor to
your front door
may be looking for someone like
you — a real, everyday, down-to-earth, flesh and
blood person — to tell them about Jesus and how
to be saved.

When the opportunity comes, be ready. Show
love… tell what the Lord has done for you. The
Holy Spirit will do the rest.

If you’re willing to do these simple things, you
can be a soulwinner. And what a thrill and joy to
help someone else accept the Lord.

Set a goal to win at least one person to Christ
this year. You can do it! And you’ll discover why
the writer of Proverbs declared, He that winneth
souls is wise