Bread and Meat

A wagon train passing through one of the difficult sections of the Oregon Trail seemed to have encountered more than its share of trouble. Water and grass had been scarce for several days and some of the wagons were broken down. A general feeling of depression settled over the train that was unlike the former optimism of the group. In order to get the problems aired and solved, a meeting was scheduled for the next night’s stop.

When the emigrants had gathered around the campfire, one of them arose and said, “Before we do anything else, I think we should thank God that we have come this far with no loss of life, with no trouble with the Indians, and that we have enough strength left to finish our journey.”

The suggestion was taken and then there was silence. After giving thanks, no one had any complaints. This is the transformation the thankful heart can often make. It enables us to see the real value of many worthwhile things already received that have been taken for granted and in so doing it dispels the gloom that troubles us.

The children of Israel were given both bread and meat; manna and quails as they journeyed in the wilderness. Had they focused on these blessings instead of complaining, their journey would have been a joy.

And how about the bread and meat that God has given to you this week? Is His provision adequate? Thank Him for these blessings. As you cultivate thanksgiving, gloom will disappear.

Remember the order: Thanksgiving first! It makes the journey better. And the difficulties flee.