Church with a Flaw

The last book of the Bible records seven letters from Jesus to seven local churches. They contain truths for churches of all ages.

The church at Ephesus was commended for a number of excellent qualities. This was a fundamental church; sound in doctrine, faithful, separatist in position, not afraid to expose false teachers and labouring in God’s name.

Interestingly, the Lord commended the church before raising any word of criticism. One commentator explains that the Lord loves to number our accomplishments by His grace. There is a lesson here: we ought to look for the best in our fellow Christians. That is the way of love.

The Lord’s criticism of the church at Ephesus was a serious one: “thou hast left thy first love.” Diminishing love is always critical. When love reigns there is communication, consideration and compassion. When love declines all service becomes mechanical, a burden… vain.

The cure prescribed for the church was plain. They were to remember, repent and return: “do the first works.”

One day Henry W. Grady, the great newspaperman, left his editorial room and went to see his aged mother. He told her he was confused religiously and asked her for help. She told him to sit beside her as he had done as a child while she told him the story of Jesus again. That night she had him sleep in his old bed and pray his childhood prayer. In the morning, when he came down to breakfast, Mr. Grady said, “It’s all right, Mother. I’m back with God again.”

Remember, repent and return!