Continue in Love

For an experiment, babies in an orphanage were divided into two groups. Both groups received all the routine care provided by the nurses and matrons. They were fed on schedule and given proper medical attention.

But one group was given personal, loving care above the routine duties. The babies in Group One were held and cuddled as they were fed, changed and put to sleep. The babies in Group Two had their basic physical needs met but were shown no love at all. They had nothing more than routine care.

It did not take long for marked differences to develop. All the babies in Group One thrived. They developed bright, sunny personalities. But some of the babies in Group Two developed signs of serious emotional maladjustment. Their physical condition suffered, too.

The experiment demonstrated that love is vitally important for healthy growth and development.

Those who are born again need to grow and develop properly. This will be impossible without a continual experience of Christian love. Sometimes we are guilty of giving ourselves completely to the winning of persons to Christ and then neglecting these spiritual babes. New converts need guidance and love.

But brotherly love ought also to continue among those who have been Christians for many years. We never outgrow our need for love. Many have become backslidden after years of service because they have been snubbed by Christians who should have known better.

Reach out to some neglected one. Let brotherly love continue!