Millions have joined in singing the great song of fellowship, “Blest Be the Tie That Binds,” written by John Fawcett, an English Baptist minister. The song was written to commemorate an experience in Fawcett’s life.

In 1772, after only a few years in pastoral work, John Fawcett was called to a large and influential church in London. His farewell sermon had been preached in his country church in Yorkshire and the wagons loaded with his furniture and books stood ready for departure to the new home and work.

Fawcett’s congregation was brokenhearted.

Men, women, and children gathered about him and his family with sad and tearful faces.

Finally, overwhelmed with the sorrow of those they were leaving, Dr. Fawcett and his wife sat down on one of the packing cases and gave way to tears.

“Oh, John!” lamented Fawcett’s wife, “I cannot bear this! I know not how to go!”

“Nor I, either,” returned her husband. “And we will not go. The wagons shall be unloaded, and everything put in its old place.”

The congregation was filled with joy and their continued fellowship was the basis for the song by John Fawcett that has blessed so many for so long.

The Early Church was strong in fellowship.

The church that is strong in fellowship is strong in its witness in the community.

What are you doing to deepen fellowship in your church?