First Love

First love. How warm and wonderful it is!

Do you remember the day you were born again? And what about that special time afterward?

You wanted to tell the world of your discovery. The secrets of the Bible beckoned and you wanted to devour its entire message. Your friends all became prospects for salvation and you sought them out to share the Gospel. You thought about fulltime Christian service. You loved the church, the pastor and all Christians. Missionary projects were accepted and carried out with zeal. Clerks, gas station attendants, business associates and your neighbors all received tracts from your hand and a personal witness. You became a soul winner and soon some of those you love were rejoicing with you.

Then something began to happen. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact time the decline set in. But its reality is inescapable. All those good things became fewer in number and less important.

Why? Who can say? Perhaps you just began to look about and see that you were one of the few on fire and found it a lonely feeling.

Maturity set in. Or was it lethargy? At any rate, it seemed to be a general condition among those who had been around for awhile.

Sometimes you think about those good days and long to return to them. Here’s good news: YOU CAN!

There is no need to go on in this awful condition. Turn from the direction you are going. Return to your first love. Christ has not changed.

Return today!