Glory to God in the Highest

When Jesus came out of the ivory palaces into this world of woe, the world witnessed a miracle of grace and humility. And what great grace it was! The condescension of Christ defies understanding. The voice of the One Who had spoken the worlds into existence would now be limited to the vocal chords of an infant. The hands that had thrown planets into orbit would appear as a child’s palms. The mind that contains all the wisdom of the universe would be packed into the brain of a human skull. And here we only touch the surface of salvation’s story.

On the night of Christ’s birth, the angelic message was given to shepherds who were urged to go and see the newborn Saviour. As soon as that first birth announcement was given, heaven’s host began to praise God and say: “Glory to God in the highest.”

“Glory to God” was not a new expression for the heavenly host. According to Job, the angels shouted God’s praise in creation. But now there is a new dimension to this heavenly hallelujah: “GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST!” When God came down from heaven to save men, earth was introduced to heaven’s highest glory. Higher in goodness God could not go. What lessons are here for us! Spurgeon said: “We must learn from this, that if salvation glorifies God, glorifies Him in the highest degree, then that doctrine which glorifies man in salvation cannot be the GOSPEL… for salvation glorifies God. Some preachers may delight to preach a gospel that glorifies man, but in their gospel the angels have not delight.”

We glorify God most in sharing the message of salvation with others.