God Hears

The tin-roofed tabernacle in Waterloo, Iowa, roared under a driving rain when Dr. Charles E. Fuller stepped up to the microphone to pray, “Lord, if you don’t stop the rain the Old Fashioned Revival Hour will not be able to go out over the air. For Jesus’ sake, please stop the rain!”

Within three minutes the rain stopped abruptly and the program was broadcast without interference. But five minutes after the service was over a downpour drenched the home going crowds.

In Pontiac, Michigan the final night of the Jack Van Impe Crusade was scheduled for Wisner Stadium, an outdoor arena. Rain was forecast and had it come it would have been necessary to move the meeting to a church building holding less than half the capacity of the stadium. Christians were asked to pray. On that closing night, the clouds were threatening and dark. Rain fell in torrents throughout the area — except in a four block radius surrounding Wisner Stadium. God had heard the prayers of His people and was pleased to answer. The news media covered the story of the miracle.

Examples might be multiplied where earnest prayer has been heard and answered. Why then are we so timid in our asking? A. B. Simpson wrote: “Our God has boundless resources, the only limit is in us. Our asking, our thinking, our praying are too small. Our expectations are too limited.”

God hears. And here you are carrying that load!

Give your burden to Jesus. Ask and receive. Prove His promises. The God Who holds back the rain can also give showers of blessings!