God Reigns

God reigns.

Have you ever thought how sad the plight of planet earth would be if that were not true?

We would all be on a hopeless voyage through space with no destination. Every grave would be a place of despair and total separation.

Life would be without purpose.

The universe would be like a giant clock winding down until the end.

No prayer would ever be heard or answered.

Man would always walk the dark valley of death alone.

All of life’s horizons would be limited by time.

The trinkets and thrills of this life span would be the only things of value.

But God reigns.

Therefore the earth can rejoice.

We are the recipients of the love of God and the beneficiaries of His boundless grace.

We do not walk through life alone if we have been born again.

The dark valley has been changed to the valley of the shadow of death — and He — the Light of the World — walks there with us.

Heaven is a real place for a prepared people. Treasures can be sent on ahead for enjoying forever.

In every perplexing situation in life, we know that He is in charge. God reigns! Rejoice!