God’s Love Letter

One of the nicest things about holiday
seasons is being with our family and friends —
having the privilege of sharing worship, food,
and fellowship with those we love. Oh, how
Jack and I cherish those blessed times with
special people and, in particular, with one

Even when circumstances make it
impossible to be together, we can get in touch by
telephone or through the mail. We talk by
phone with friends and loved ones all across
the country…sometimes overseas.

We especially enjoy reading the many
beautiful cards we receive from those special,
thoughtful people who take time to express
their love.

The other day I was going through some
personal items I’ve saved over the last few
years — news items and inspirational thoughts
clipped from newspapers and magazines,
cards and notes from family and friends…and
a very special collection of love letters from
my husband.

Jack and I have worked together in the
ministry over the years and haven’t had to be
apartvery often. But on those occasions when
I couldn’t travel with him to a crusade or
speaking engagement, he wrote me the most
beautiful letters.

A wonderful reminder!

I’d read those letters over and over,
hanging on every word. How wonderful to be
reminded that he loved me, missed me, and was
looking forward to having me with him again

I cherished every one of those wonderful
love letters. I still do. Over the years I’ve
gone back and read them again many times,
especially when I was feeling lonely, insecure,
or discouraged. And each time my husband’s
loving words would lift my spirits and give
me new strength.

Needless to say, although I cleaned out
some of the accumulated “clutter” the other
day, I kept those letters!

As much as I treasure my husband’s letters
to me, there’s another love letter that is even
more precious to me. It’s the greatest love
letter of all — God’s Holy Word.

God sent this letter special delivery to
me…to you…and to every single person in the
world. It’s all about love — what love is, how
God loves us, and the great love gift He has
given us.

For God so loved the world, that he gave
his only begotten Son, that whosoever
believeth in him should not perish, but have
everlasting life. For God sent not his Son
into the world to condemn the world; but that
the world through him might be saved
(John 3:16,17).

Sadly, too often this greatest love letter of
all has been laid aside, unopened. The people
who most need to know that God loves them
haven’t even read His letter.

Read God’s letter

Some of those who have read it or heard
about it at one time or another have forgotten
its wonderful message. They need to go back
and read God’s love letter again. I can testify
from personal experience that it is just as
meaningful the second, third — twentieth —
time you read it as it was the first time.

You see, we need to be reminded daily that
we are loved. We need to see anew how
valuable we are to God — that His love and mercy
to us are new every morning.

What an unspeakable thrill to know that
God loves us. We must hear it, relish it, think
about it, enjoy it. We need to claim the blessing
of salvation and His divine provision for
our every need. We need to claim the blessing
of knowing that He is preparing a place for us
so that we can be with Him one day, face to face.

We should read and reread God’s love
letter to us because we need to be reminded of
the wonderful gift of His love which we have received.

Give thanks…and share

In these last days we must make a special
effort to express our appreciation for this great
gift of love. Then we must enter anew into the
spirit of love by doubling our efforts to share
the old, old story of God’s great love with others.

Don’t wait — start immediately! Right now
— today — get out your “Love Letter” from
God, your Bible, and discover — and share —
how much you are loved.