Great Day

What does the name “Jesus” mean to you?

Mrs. Booth used to tell a beautiful story of a man whose consistent Christian life left a permanent impression on her own. He seemed continually to grow in grace and at last he could speak of nothing but the glories of his Saviour and his face was radiant with awe and affection whenever he spoke that name.

When he was dying, a document was discovered that required his signature and it was brought to him. He held the pen for one brief moment, wrote, and fell back upon the pillows, dead. On the important paper, he had not written his own name, but the name that is above every name. Within sight of heaven, the name of Jesus was all that mattered to him.

To some the name of Jesus is but a means of emphasizing a point…a word to use in a tirade of profanity. To others the mention of the name brings to mind a prophet or a good man, perhaps a martyr to a cause. But to the Christian the name of Jesus speaks of salvation, heaven, resurrection, and a kingdom that will never be destroyed.

The name Jesus may call to mind His love for the outcasts, His tenderness with children, His compassion for all people, or His outpouring of love on the cross.

There is a day coming when at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

That day is fast approaching.

Get ready.

Let Him be Lord of your life today!