Great Guarantees

In the Resurrection, God has given us three great guarantees.

The Resurrection guarantees the Saviour. When the critics of Christ called for some proof of His deity, He told them there would be but one sign given: THE RESURRECTION. “Destroy this temple, He said, and in three days I will raise it up” ( John 2:19). After the Resurrection, the disciples remembered that statement and its fulfillment fired their faith and sent them out to carry His message to the world.

The Resurrection guarantees salvation. Many years ago, two English lawyers, skeptics, set out to destroy Christianity. Their names were Gilbert West and Lord Littleton. They agreed that two Christian teachings must be disproved if they were to succeed: the resurrection of Christ and the conversion of Paul. West assumed the task of getting rid of the Resurrection and Littleton tackled the conversion of Paul. Their plan was for each to research his subject for one year. At the end of that time, they would come together and prepare to present their findings to the world. “When they met, one year later, both were Christians, each confessing to his conversion as a result of his own research!”

The resurrection of Christ guarantees our similar resurrection. On that first Easter, Mary wept because the tomb was empty, but that very fact signaled the emptying of the graves of all believers at the return of Christ. And that’s what Easter is all about!