Is it ever wise to hate?

Cradled in a chapter exalting wisdom, is an injunction to hate.


Not when the righteous character of God is considered.

The fear (reverential trust) of the LORD causes one to hate what He hates. We are not shocked when instructed to love what God loves. Logic leads from love to hate. God hates evil, therefore it is wise for His children to hate evil too.

But hating sin is not popular in our day. Evil is simply renamed to make it more acceptable. Nevertheless, God’s standards have not changed. Judgment will not be an exercise in semantics. Evil is evil. Sin is sin! And the child of God is called upon to declare his loyalty to the God of righteous- ness.

Now let’s get personal.

It is not so difficult to hate evil, pride and arrogancy in another. Despising the froward mouth of a neighbor or fellow church member may come easily. But what if these awful acts and attitudes are our own?

  • Have you learned to hate pride when you see it in the mirror?
  • Have you caught yourself being disgustingly arrogant?
  • Do you face the issue when you have spoken wrongly?

Thankfully, these serious transgressions of God’s will can be confessed, forgiven and forsaken. No one has to live in defeat. Like all sins, these can be put away and overcome — if you hate them enough!