His Many Names

There are many names and titles given to Christ by the prophets.

The reason?

The language of man does not contain any one word to describe Him.

Jesus is wonderful. He was wonderful in His birth; in His life; in His death; in His resurrection. He is wonderful in His power to change lives today. He will be wonderful in His return for His own, when He resurrects the Christian dead and catches all the saints up to Himself. He will be wonderful in His kingdom on earth, when all wrongs are made right and all the earth is filled with peace and blessing.

Jesus is the greatest counselor known to man. He knows all about us. No problem is too difficult for Him and no appointment is needed to meet with Him. We can come to Him in every time of need. He has imparted more wisdom, lifted more burdens, dried more tears and shared more sorrows than all earth’s counselors and philosophers combined.

Jesus is the Mighty God and the Everlasting Father. He combines omnipotence and compassion in meeting the needs of those who call upon Him. No wonder poets and composers fall short in their efforts to describe Him.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Peace — what a good word it is! Yet, millions seek it in vain at the bottom of a bottle, at the end of a needle, or in the accumulation of money and property. Peace is received through faith in the Prince of Peace. And that makes it available to you today.