His Name Is John

John the Baptist was named twice. On the day of his circumcision in the temple he was named Zacharias, after the name of his father. That name could not stand, however, because his Heavenly Father had sent down another name. Elisabeth demanded that his name be John. Confused, those in the temple asked advice on the matter of Zacharias. He had been unable to speak since the angelic appearance in the temple and so he immediately called for a writing table and wrote: “His name is John.” At that moment he was able to speak again.

Our names are important to God. The names of those who are born again are written in heaven. Jesus spoke of Himself as the good shepherd and said that He calls His own sheep by name. Your name echoed through heaven the day you were converted to Christ. You are special to the Lord.

John had a vital mission to fulfill. And nearly two thousand years following the completion of his ministry, his name continues to be remembered around the world. He was the forerunner of Christ. That is, he came to prepare the way for Jesus. His message was one of repentance and faith. He called sin by its first name and was fearless as a preacher. There were many important people in that day who must have thought they were making a lasting mark on the world. Still, we know very few of them. We remember John because of his association with Jesus and His work for the Lord. When you invest your life for Jesus you don’t have to make a name for yourself.