Is God Listening?

Some time ago I contracted a dangerous
viral infection which threatened the sight of
my left eye and produced severe discomfort
and pain. Just as I was getting a little better, I
came down with pneumonia in my right lung.

During this time of unusual stress and trauma,
Jack and I spent even more time than normal
praying and seeking God. Thank the
Lord, He heard and answered our prayers!

Experiencing those wearisome days when
I might have been tempted to ask, “Does God
care? Is He listening?” — I found new assurance
that the Lord, the Creator of the ends of
the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary
40:28). And I can truthfully say with the
psalmist that I waited patiently for the Lord;
and he inclined unto me, and heard my cry

(Psalm 40:1).

While prayer has always been an important
part of our lives and ministry, now it has
become even more vital — an integral part of
the very fabric of Jack’s life and mine. Prayer
has become as natural as breathing to me, and
has carried me into the Father’s presence
where I draw directly from His unlimited

In the times of testing I often felt as if the
Lord comforted me by saying, “Pray.” And in
saying “Come to me,” He also said, “Wait
patiently.” It has been my experience that
life’s difficulties may sometimes be meant for
the strengthening of one’s heart and soul.

The power of prayer

When we enter into prayer, we enter into
the realm of divine omnipotence and tap into
the unlimited power of God. Prayer leaps
over boundaries, stops at no distances, and
balks at no obstacles. No wonder Jesus said,
With men it is impossible, but not with God:
for with God all things are possible
(Mark 10:27).

The late Dr. M. R. DeHaan recognized the
tremendous force God placed in the hands of
His people through prayer. DeHaan said, “I
would far rather have the power of prayer to
move the powers of heaven, than to have the
power of preaching to move the masses on earth.”

While some of us may not have the gift of
preaching or the anointed eloquence to
proclaim the gospel to all who will hear — all of
us do have the power of prayer at our disposal.
We can commune directly with our Creator,
and cry out to the God of the universe with the
steadfast assurance that HE IS LISTENING…
and He will answer.

Why, then, do we go about laden with
burdens too heavy to bear? Why do we endure
overwhelming sorrows and pain? Why do we
attempt to make the best of living with want
and lack? The Lord gently scolds us for failing
to seek His help by saying, Ye have not,
because ye ask not
(James 4:2).

I love the grand old gospel song that asks,
“Are you weary, are you heavy-hearted?” then
responds, “Tell it to Jesus, Tell it to Jesus!”
On and on the song goes, listing man’s most
common troubles and fears, and always
reminding, urging, commanding — “Tell it to
Jesus alone!”

God has invited us to come to Him with
our needs and burdens. Jesus said, Ask, and it
shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you: for
every one that asketh receiveth; and he that
seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it
shall be opened
(Matthew 7:7).

Are the answers you need being given?
Have you asked?

Are you finding the solutions to life’s
problems? Are you seeking?

Are the doors of opportunity being opened
to you? Are you knocking?

God is ready and willing to meet your
every need. He is more than enough for all
your problems. But to receive what He wants
you to have, you have to take the first step.
Have you ever taught your children to come to
you for assistance with their needs? Even
though you sometimes knew what they needed
before they asked, have you ever waited until
they made their petition to you?

Jesus said, If ye then, being evil, know how
to give good gifts unto your children, how
much more shall your Father which is in heaven
give good things to them that ask him?

(Matthew 7:11).

So we need to learn to ask — we need to be
sure to make our petitions known to God
through prayer.

Pray in faith

Then, too, we must pray with faith. Some
people feel their faith is too weak, but I
believe, with the Apostle Paul, that God hath
dealt to every man the measure of faith

(Romans 12:3). If our faith comes from
God — if He has provided it for us, then we
have enough…and it is sufficient!

When in the midst of suffering and in need
of healing, many of us may find it difficult to
receive healing directly from the hand of God.
But the Lord often uses other hands, other
instruments to meet our need. Often healing
comes through the channel of doctors and
medicine. Depending on such healing aids is
not necessarily a lack of faith.

An old motto I’ve heard suggests that we
should work as though everything depended
on us, but pray as if everything depended on
God. Perhaps this is the perfect blending
of faith and works endorsed by the Apostle
James (see 2:20-26).

I thank God for the fine doctors and
“miracle” drugs employed in my treatment during
my illness. But I am absolutely convinced
that prayer helped speed my healing by
making my body more receptive to the treatment
than it ordinarily would have been.

I recovered with no lasting ill effects, no
scars, no permanent damage. Yet, another
lady with almost the same condition, being
treated by the same doctor, with the same
medication, did experience facial scarring and
ongoing trauma.

Is God really interested in our individual
needs and problems? Aren’t our personal
difficulties too small to bring to the attention of
the Almighty? Isn’t He preoccupied with
wars and cataclysmic events, interested only
in global and universal affairs?

Not at all! Nothing is too great or too
small to bring to the Lord. He knows! He
sees! He cares! Oh, yes, my friend, He is
listening…and He will answer.

I know this — when our own strength and
provision fail, prayer helps us tap into an
inexhaustible divine supply. And it is undeniably
true that more miracles are wrought by prayer
than this world could ever imagine.

The Holy Spirit intercedes

Dr. Van Impe and I are finding that when
we pray, the Holy Spirit directs us and helps
us to pray. We do not have to depend on long
prayer lists and “vain repetitions” that become
meaningless rituals (see Matthew 6:7).

There are times when I feel so
overwhelmed by needs or challenges before me
that I don’t even know how to pray. But the
Holy Spirit does — and He ministers through
me to touch the heart of God. Paul wrote,
Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmiities:
for we know not what we should pray for
as we ought: but the Spirit [himself] maketh
intercession for us with groanings which
cannot be uttered
(Romans 8:26).

There have been times when I knelt to
pray and could only weep — I couldn’t find the
words to express what was inside. I would cry
out, “Oh God, l don’t know how to put this
because I’m so burdened.” What a comfort to
know that the Holy Spirit went right on
interceding for me with groanings and expressions
too deep to be uttered.

And sooner or later, as I waited before God
on my knees, that deep peace that passes all
understanding would sweep over me, and my
troubled spirit would be at rest. Once again I
would have the blessed assurance of knowing
that all things work together for good to them
that love God, to them who are the called
according to his purpose
(Romans 8:28).

My friend, what God has done for me, He
will do for you. The Lord is ready to minister
to you in every part of your life. He is listening.


I got up quite early one morning

And rushed right into the day;

I had so much to accomplish

I took no time out to pray.

The problems just tumbled about me,

And heavier came every task;

“Why doesn’t God help me,” I wondered,

He said, “Why, you didn’t ask!”

I saw naught of joy or of beauty —

The day sped on, gray and bleak;

I asked, “Why won’t the Lord show me?”

He said, “But you didn’t seek!”

I tried to come into God’s presence;

I used all my keys at the lock,

God gently, lovingly chided,

“My child, why didn’t you knock?”

I woke up quite early this morning

And paused ere entering the day;

There was so much to accomplish