Joseph’s Fear

Only one verse in the Bible is taken to tell about Joseph’s discovery that his bride-to- be was with child, but the emotional trauma for this good man must have been devastating. His engagement to lovely Mary had undoubtedly set him to building dreams about their life together. Though a poor man, he was a carpenter and would be able to provide Mary many beautiful items made with his own hands. Then, all his world came crashing in on him. Mary was with child. There was no simple solution in such a case, but Joseph was a just and merciful man and so he decided that he would put her away as quietly as possible.

In Joseph’s hour of trouble, an angel was sent to give him guidance. God often meets us in our times of trouble and fear. The angel’s message was intensely personal. He called Joseph by name and then immediately went to the heart of his misery. “Fear not,” the angel said. Those good words seem always to be in the vocabulary of angels. Explaining the miracle that was happening in Mary, the heavenly agent advised Joseph to go ahead with the marriage and assured him that the child conceived in her was of the Holy Ghost.

What good news this was for Joseph! Beyond his expectations. The opposite of all his fears was true. What he had thought was the end of his dreams as a husband turned out to be the answer to his needs as a man. Joseph laid aside his fears and obeyed the Lord. And this is a good course for each one of us to follow.