Love For Others

In preparing Peter for his work in the early church, the Lord asked Peter if he loved Him. Peter had to learn that genuine love for Christ required acts of love and concern for others. He would be called on to feed and care for thousands of new converts. These members of the New Testament church would be known for their warm fellowship and love for one another. Peter must set the example.

It is easy to speak or sing of our love for the Lord, but real love must act. James reminded his readers that faith without works is dead. The same might be said of love. At the end of a sermon by Dr. Harry Ironside, the congregation was singing, “OH HOW I LOVE JESUS.” As they sang softly, a skid row derelict made his way to the front of the church, coming all the way from the last pew. His clothes were ragged and dirty and he reeked with the smell of booze. A call was made for a personal worker to come and talk to him about Christ — but not one person moved. It was one thing to sing about love for Jesus and another to kneel beside this down and outer who had come to learn of Him. But real love for Christ reaches out to others — especially those in great need.

What can you do today that will demonstrate your love for Jesus? Will you be asked to feed His lambs, His sheep? Awaiting you in your day’s activities are people with hungry hearts. Some need the Gospel. Others are Christians who need help and encouragement. While you’re deciding whether or not to get involved, face the question: “Lovest thou me?”