Love Your Wives

Christian couples should remember that their love for each other is to be a demonstration of Christ’s love for the church. There are some parallels between the love of Christ for the church and the love of a man for his wife that contain valuable lessons for married people.

The love of Christ is a sacrificial love. A lady once said that her marriage was completely changed by a preacher’s statement. He had said, “You may be asking whether or not you are getting enough out of your marriage, when that is not even the question. You should be asking whether or not your husband or wife is getting all that he or she should be getting out of your marriage.” The preacher’s thought provoker had turned their marriage around and made them givers instead of receivers. And that’s what love is all about.

The love of Christ is an enduring love. It is sad to meet couples whose love suffered a blow from which it has never recovered. One or the other became offended at some careless word or act and the wound has never healed. Communication died. They are still husband and wife but only in the legal sense of the word. They smile and seem happy in public. Most of their friends do not know about their problem. But when they are alone the wall between them is real. How unlike the love of Christ their love has become! He forgives, and forgives again.

The love of Christ is a love that is expressed often. How long has it been since you expressed your love to your marriage partner? If it has been a long time since you communicated your love, you are not living as God intended. Look for opportunities to show your love today!