Christian work that is done for the praise of men is worthless.

Many years ago, I read a statement that needs to be repeated in every church. It simply said: “It is surprising what can be accomplished for Christ if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

Church platform service that is rendered to exalt the performer is only a performance and is on a par with any other show business production. It ought not be considered the work of God. Though it is certainly proper to strive for perfection in any presentation, I suspect the Judgment Seat of Christ will find many flawless special numbers lacking while humble servants who were not so talented but had correct motives will be rewarded.

What is your area of service for the Lord? How do you feel about it? Do you have a responsibility this very week? Is your heart right?

Another pitfall is that of pushing one’s way into a position. This kind of service is born of strife. You have the job in the church you wanted, but you had to fight for it. Someone was injured in the battle. Better reconsider your motives. Perhaps you need to go to the offended one and offer to step aside so that he can serve. In losing your office you may gain a brother.

Your selfless act may bring revival to your church. And that will be more rewarding than the applause of your admirers.