No Difference

The Pacific Garden Mission News carried the following article: “Remember, the man on Skid Row is not different IN KIND from the rest of us. He is merely worse in degree. On Skid Row we see fallen man at his dismal worst. In the better neighborhoods we see him at his polished best, but he is the same man for all his disguise. In the gutter we find him chained by dope and drink and dirt. On the Avenue we find him bound by pride and greed and lust. To God there is no difference. He sees beyond appearances and He knows what is in every man. His remedy for every man is the same, a new birth and the impartation of a new kind of life. (See John 3:5,7.)

“The Gospel is the power of God operating toward the moral and spiritual transformation of man. And it works! Thousands will testify that it does. No man who wants to climb up out of his past and find a new and better life should overlook the Gospel. It is God’s way out, and there is no other.”

The Gospel meets men where they are; all men. And they are all found in the same need. The ground is level at the cross. All need to be saved and all can be saved.

But do we see all people the same?

Are we as likely to witness to the poor as to the rich? Are we as eager to reach those who have little and therefore can give little? Does our concern go out equally to people of all races? Do we long to share heaven with all people? Even those who are not kind to us?

In the sight of God there is no difference (see Romans 2:11).

Let us see all those we meet today as people in need of the Saviour.