Only the Ship

Life is all that counts.

Never mourn over the loss of money. Who can tell what good things God will do in your life because you have less. When D. L. Moody’s father died, a creditor came and took the wood that had been cut for the winter. Think of entering a cold New England winter without fuel and heavy of heart because of grief. The situation sounds almost unbearable. Yet God must have done a deep work in young Moody. See what he became in later years.

Never mourn the loss of a house. It is but brick, mortar, and wood. Jesus had no permanent dwelling and said that He was more homeless than the foxes and the birds. Do you have less than He?

Never mourn the loss of an automobile. It is but metal, plastic, and rubber. Did your loved one survive the accident? That is all that matters. The car can be replaced. Don’t be guilty of being upset over bent fenders and broken glass. Waste no tears over stained upholstery. Thank the Lord for survivors.

Paul encouraged his captors who were caught in a storm at sea by telling them that all of them would live through the ordeal. “Be of good cheer,” he exhorted them. And why not? They would only lose the ship.

Have you been distraught over the loss of some earthly possession? Or even the fear of such loss?

Rearrange your priorities. Look around you and see those living loved ones. Lift your heart in praise to God that you have only lost the ship.