Our Refuge

In his book, Two Thousand Hours in the Psalms, Dr. Marion Hull says of Psalm 46, “No wonder the psalmist says ‘therefore will not we fear.’ What could man do to anyone who has such a source of strength and help as this?”

He explains that refuge means “a place to go quietly for protection.” And that the Hebrew word translated trouble means “in tight places. “When we get in tight places we can go to the Lord and find a place of quiet protection.

This place of safety belongs to the children of God and is available even in convulsions of nature. One lady who slept through an earthquake was asked how she had such peace in the crisis. She replied that she rejoiced to have a God strong enough to shake the world.

Some are terrified at storms. The disciples expected to die in a watery grave during the storm that swept the Sea of Galilee. Jesus rebuked them for their lack of faith and also rebuked the wind and the waves. When they had entered the boat Jesus had said: “Let us pass over unto the other side” (Mark 4:35). His statement of sure crossing made the boat unsinkable in the face of any storm. Their fears were a waste of energy and a useless drain on their emotions. The Master of nature was on board. And in spite of their anxiety, all was well.

In all the storms of life, Christians have a refuge.

Flee to Him and leave your fears behind!