Praying for Me

Here is the longest recorded prayer of Jesus. It is known as His great intercessory prayer. He prays for His disciples and for all who will believe as a result of their ministry.

He prays that you and I will be kept from evil (verse 15). Temptation whirls around all, inviting shame and destruction. The enemy is strong and the flesh is weak. But Jesus has prayed for us. We do not enter the day alone or in our own strength. His Spirit and His prayers follow us every step of the way.

He prays that you and I will be sanctified through the truth. To be sanctified is to be set apart from the world and for God. Sanctification is in three dimensions — positional, progressive and perfect. As to position, we are sanctified at the moment of new birth. When we are saved through faith in Christ, we are set apart for God. Progressive sanctification continues throughout life. This has to do with growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ. Perfect sanctification takes place when the Lord returns. Then we shall be perfect for we shall be like Him. (1 John 3:2,3)

Progressive sanctification is the aim of the prayer of Jesus for you and me. He is praying for growth and development in His own. And notice the instrument of sanctification — THE WORD OF GOD (verse 17). His Word gives growth. It contains the vitamins and minerals of soul health.

Our daily growth and Christian victory are concerns of Christ. Prayer concerns. Certainly there is then no excuse for defeat.

I expect to conquer and grow. Jesus prayed for me.

And His prayers continue to this day!