Present with the Lord

Some doubt that Christians go to heaven when they die. They are unlike Paul. He was confident.

Some think that only 144,000 will make that blessed shore. Paul knew of no such limits on God’s grace.

Some think that the soul and body are one and that both will perish in the grave. Paul looked forward to a day when he would no longer be limited by the flesh. He anticipated being “absent from the body.”

Some think the saints will sleep in the earth until the coming of the Lord and that they will not see Him until the resurrection. Paul never entertained such thoughts. He knew that the moment he was absent from the body he would be present with the Lord. He was confident.

Some think that Christians will bypass heaven altogether and only reign with Christ on earth. Paul rejected such conclusions, knowing that at death he would be with Jesus — and he knew that Jesus was no longer in the grave. At the end of life he was homesick for heaven.

No wonder Paul could write: “O death, where is thy sting? 0 grave, where is thy victory?” (I Corinthians 15:55). He was confident.

If you have been entertaining doubts about heaven being the home of the saved, put those doubts out of your mind and be confident.

If you are saved and have been concerned about a long stay in the grave, erase those faulty thoughts and enjoy the hope of heaven. Be confident.

Life is short at it’s longest but death is not the end for one who has been born again.

I’m confident!