When Mary Selleck of Chula Vista, California, neared her 100th birthday, she expressed poetically her trust in the provident care of God:

“I do not know what the future holds
Of joy or pain,

Of loss or gain,
Along life’s untrod way;
But I believe
I can receive
God’s promised guidance day by day,
So I securely travel on.

And if, at times, the journey leads
Through waters deep,

Or mountains steep,
I know this unseen Friend,
His love revealing,
His presence healing,
Walks with me to the journey’s end,
So I securely travel on.”

Heaven will hold many surprises. Looking back on earth’s journey, we will be amazed and thankful at the knowledge that God has miraculously preserved us when trouble would have overtaken us. Our present burdens may seem heavy, but even these have been screened by the permissive will of our loving Lord.