Sometimes those who prosper rejoice less than the poor. They hold earth’s trinkets so tightly that the fear of losing them is ever with them. Often they have become slaves to the prosperity that has been their goal in life.

A few wealthy and prosperous people are free from the bondage of their possessions. A Christian doctor was asked what he had done during the past week. He replied, “On Monday, I preached the Gospel in Brazil. Tuesday, I ministered among the Mexican people in southwest Texas. Wednesday, I operated on patients in a hospital in Africa. Thursday, I taught in a mission school in Japan. Friday, I helped establish a new church in California. Saturday, I taught classes in our seminaries. Sunday, I distributed Bibles in Korea.”

The astonished questioner asked, “How could you be in so many places, doing so many different things?”

“I wasn’t,” said the doctor with a twinkle in his eye, “for I have been busy with my patients every day. But, you see, I hold the dollars God has enabled me to earn in trust for God, and some of them have been channeled into the places of need I have mentioned.”

Walter Brown Knight wrote: “There are two ways to be rich — one is to have all you want, and the other is to be satisfied with what you have.”

The real secret of joy in prosperity is the ability of rejoicing in the One who gives the power to get wealth. Rejoice in Him! All we have is from His hand.