Daniel’s prayers brought him to the lion’s den. And God preserved him there.

Peter began walking on the water to go to Jesus and his brief prayer: “LORD SAVE ME!” brought help in his time of need.

King Hezekiah, facing death, prayed and the Lord added fifteen years to his life.

Missionary experiences involving God’s protection through prayer are well known. Often the deliverance from accident or attack came as a result of someone in the homeland being especially burdened for that particular missionary so that time was taken for special prayer at the very moment of danger.

Parents have the privilege of praying for God’s protection for their children. Husbands or wives can pray for each other while apart. Members of congregations can pray for their pastor or other staff members while busy in the Lord’s service. There are many opportunities to pray for protection for those whom we love.

If God someday allows us to look back on scenes of our earthly sojourn, we will be amazed to discover how many times lives have been spared and injuries prevented in answer to prayer.

Prayer changes things. It does not just change the person who is praying. Prayer can change circumstances and can deliver those in danger.

Who needs the protection afforded by your prayers today?