Saving and Losing

There were two sons in the Taylor family in England. The older said that he intended to spend his life making a name for his family and so set as his goal an office in Parliament. The younger, Hudson Taylor, decided to invest his life in missionary work in China. By the time of his death, Hudson Taylor was known around the world for his effective missionary work and as an outstanding Christian. He is still the subject of books and is often quoted by writers and speakers. His older brother, who sought fame, is listed in one English encyclopedia only as “The Brother of Hudson Taylor.”

The Taylor sons illustrate an unaltering Biblical principle that stands out in the ministry of Jesus: We save by losing and lose by saving. When we try to draw all things to ourselves and are afraid to surrender to the will of God, we lose. The person who spends his life gathering trophies to impress others is a loser. Focusing on wealth and property to the exclusion of spiritual values produces poverty in the real areas of life. It is the giver who gains; the investor who draws interest; the man of faith who moves mountains.

What then shall we do? There is but one answer: GIVE CHRIST FIRST PLACE! When we do that, in losing our lives, we save them.

And our savings will last for eternity!