Searching the Scriptures

Paul commended the Bereans because they searched the Scriptures daily. The Bible deserves our daily attention because it is the verbally inspired Word of God. Some doubt this foundational fact; yet without a dependable Bible, Christianity would crumble. Thankfully, there is ample evidence of inspiration.

The unity and harmony of this divine library is miraculous. Taking over 1,600 years in the writing, it stands without flaw or contradiction. It dwarfs all other literature, and withstands the test of the ages.

Fulfilled prophecy is another strong witness. Facts about nations, empires, and moral and social conditions were foretold centuries before their occurrence. Details about the incarnation of Christ were given with pinpoint accuracy.

The Bible also contains statements of scientific truth. Revelations concerning the suspension of the earth in space (see Job 26:7) and the roundness of the earth (see Isaiah 40:22) are just a few of its teachings that awaited acceptance while men struggled with now-discarded theories about our world.

Perhaps most convincing is the Saviour’s guarantee of the authority of the Scriptures. Jesus picked the most difficult portions of the Old Testament and associated himself with them. Creation, the flood, the destruction of Sodom, and the experience of Jonah, are all declared true by Jesus Christ.

Search the Scriptures every day.