The promises of God are given to a particular people, those who have received His Son as Saviour and Lord. Some mistakenly try to claim the promises without receiving the Saviour.

One may quote the beautiful Twenty-third Psalm and enjoy its description of green pastures and still waters, but it is vital to remember that the overflowing cup of the psalmist was based upon the first sentence of his expression of praise for provision: “The Lord is my shepherd.”

Perhaps you have been reading the Bible to find peace and still your fears remain. Could it be that you have never been saved? My wife, Rexella, had a similar experience in her youth. Let her tell it:

“Following my solo in a church service — when I was sixteen — the moment of truth came. I left the service weeping and went to my parents’ car to be alone. Concerned, my father followed me and asked what was wrong. ‘Oh, Dad,’ I sobbed, ‘I’ve deceived my own heart. I’ve deceived our pastor and you and the whole church. I have known about the Lord all my life, but I don’t really know Him.’ Resisting the temptation to soothe my feelings, my father said: ‘Be sure, Rexella.’

“A few days later, my older brother learned of my soul’s distress when he heard me crying in my room. With genuine compassion and understanding, he led me through God’s plan of salvation.”

Tell the Lord of your doubts and uncertainty. Take Christ as your Saviour without delay. Trust Him to take away all your sins.