She Shall Be Praised

Dwight L. Moody wrote of his boyhood:

“Dad died when mother was forty-one. What a struggle she had with us; six besides myself, and then the twins were born after father’s death. Only three books in the place, and yet they were enough — the family Bible, the catechism, and a book of family devotions. How the spruce log fire sparkled as we sat on the mat on the cold Sunday nights when church attendance was impossible.”

“I can hear mother now, solemnly adjuring us to walk in the ways of God, as she read from the big Bible. After father died, mother wept herself to sleep every night, sister said, and yet we younger ones who slept soundly in our blissful innocence, knew it not. She was always cheerful to us. Brave old mum! Her motto was, ‘Give others the sunshine, tell Jesus the rest.’ “

Thankfully, there are millions of Christian women who, like Moody’s mother, share God’s Word with their children and faithfully pray for them. Not all produce D. L. Moodys who shake continents for God, but their influence is felt throughout the land. They would not make the Hollywood glamour magazines, but their goals are higher. They want to do the will of God as wives and mothers. And there is no higher calling nor worthier goal.

“Who can find a virtuous woman?” the king asked.

Many have. And I am thankful to be among those fortunate men. If you have also, don’t let the day close without telling your mother or wife of your love and appreciation. It’s Biblical… SHE SHALL BE PRAISED!