Stop Complaining

Complaining is contagious.

Some are always looking for things to complain about. The late T. DeWitt Talmage wrote of such people, “Away with the horrors! they distill poison; they dig graves; and if they could climb so high, they would drown the rejoicings of Heaven with sobs and wailing.”

Christians are either power conscious or problem conscious. Churches have been built and blessed by those who focused on the power of Christ and have gone ahead in His service without fear. The work of the Lord has suffered through the centuries because of those who continually dwell on what they conclude is wrong.

The pastor is wrong.

The choir director is wrong.

The church board is wrong.

The program is wrong.

Mentioning money from the pulpit is wrong.

Busing children to Sunday School is wrong.

Contests are wrong.

Evangelistic meetings are wrong.

Humor on the platform is wrong.

And if there be any other method of reaching people and communicating the Gospel to them that calls for sacrifice and involvement of the complainer that is also wrong.

Especially wrong.

Stop being the hold-back in your church.

Break up your griping group and get busy for Christ. Murmur not among yourselves.