Take Wrong

Here is a forgotten verse. Few obey its teaching. But think of the conflicts that would be settled if a revival would bring this verse into daily experience. Lawsuits would be dropped. Feuds would be ended. Church quarrels would be forgotten.

Meditate on these life changing questions: “Why do ye not rather take wrong? why do ye not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded?”

Most professing Christians react just like the world reacts: demanding their rights. No wonder so few are moved to salvation by observing Christians in action.

How will your life change if you decide to take wrong and allow yourself to be defrauded?

Will you drop a lawsuit?

Will you forget an old debt?

Will you forego sending a blistering letter?

Will you be reconciled to one who has wronged you?

Will you stop fighting over an inheritance?

Will you stop telling your sob story about being cheated by others?

Notice Paul’s interesting advice. He says certain Christians at Corinth are defrauding others by not allowing themselves to be defrauded.

How so?

When we react in the flesh…demanding our rights…we defraud those who are watching our lives and hoping to find an example of genuine Christian living.

Stop defrauding those who your witness need….take wrong… thankfully.