The Children

Following a Sunday evening service, I saw a woman crying at the rear of the church. Upon questioning her about her burden, I discovered she had recently lost a child in an accident and that the minister who had conducted the funeral had told her the child was lost because he had not been baptized. How good it was to show her from the Bible that children go to heaven when they die!

Jesus had time for children. The disciples, thinking He was too busy, rebuked those who brought their little ones to the Saviour, but Jesus reversed the action of His disciples and revealed His great love for boys and girls. What a thrill it must have been for the parents standing there to see the Lord fulfill their desires concerning their children. He laid His hands on them and prayed for them as the parents had requested.

And wouldn’t it have been great to be one of those children? Imagine the impact of this experience when it was known later that He had risen from the grave.

The One who came down from heaven had time. The Eternal One. Yet, we often get so taken with our importance that we think we do not have time for others, especially children. When we stand at the Judgment Seat of Christ, it will surprise us to find out how badly we sorted the important from the unimportant. Hours and opportunities that escape us can never be brought back. Learn a priceless lesson from Jesus.

Take time!