The Cords of Sin

S. D. Gordon says that there are seven simple facts that everyone ought to know about sin: The first is that “sin earns wages.” The second, “sin pays wages.” The third, “sin insists on paying.” You may be quite willing to let the account go, but sin always insists on paying. Fourth, “sin pays wages in kind. Sin against the body brings results in the body. Sin in the mental life brings results there. Sin in contact with other people brings a chain of results affecting others. It is terribly true that ‘no man sinneth to himself.’ Sin is the most selfish of acts. It influences to some extent everyone whom we touch.” Fifth, “sin pays in installments.” Sixth, “sin pays in full, unless the blood of Jesus washes away the stain.” Seventh, “sin is self-executive, it pays its own bills. Sin has bound up in itself all the terrific consequences that ever come. The logical result of sin is death; death to the body, death to the mind, death to the soul.”

Sin deceives. Promising freedom, it gives slavery — bondage. Promising thrills and pleasure, sin brings grief. Promising an escape from the routine of living, sin develops its own cycle of despair.

What then is the way of liberty and release? It is the path of righteousness and obedience. In doing right we gain all the freedom promised by the tempter — without the grief.

Complete dedication to Christ and day by day living for Him keeps one free from the restricting cords of sin. Jesus said: “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” (John 8:36). Christ frees from the cords of sin!