The Father Understands

An old song says:

“God understands your heartache,
He sees the falling tear;
And whispers I am with thee,
Then falter not nor fear.”

The psalmist agrees and points out that God never forgets our human limitations. He remembers that we are made of dust.

We are not iron people and therefore burdens and responsibilities can get too heavy for us. Our emotional cords are sometimes strained to the breaking point. We become weary in the race. Panic, on occasion, grips our hearts. Even when we know better.

Never mind. God understands.

God knows our physical limitations. Sickness may drain our normal vitality, making it hard to do even the routine work of the day. Lack of sleep may rob us of our usual alertness and we may become depressed because we haven’t had time to rest. Financial needs may be so pressing that our work hours are lengthened to keep food on the table. The pressure may seem unbearable. Still, God knows the limit of our endurance and offers to compensate for our weakness.

God knows about broken hearts. “Where was God when my son died?” demanded an angry father of his pastor. “The same place He was when His own Son died,” said the wise man of God. Our Lord knows about grief and tears. He made the human body with the ability to release tension through weeping and designed our emotions to cooperate.

The old song ends: “Then let Him bear your burden; He understands and cares.” What good news for needy people! (I Peter 5:7)