The God of Nature

A man sat in the heat of the day under a walnut tree looking at a pumpkin vine. He began to muse, “How foolish God is! Here He puts a great heavy pumpkin on a tiny vine without strength to do anything but lie on the ground. He puts tiny walnuts on a tree whose branches could hold the weight of a man. If I were God, I could do better than that!” Suddenly a breeze knocked a walnut from the tree. It fell on the man’s head. He rubbed the bump, a sadder and wiser man. He remarked: “Suppose there had been a pumpkin up there instead of a walnut! Never again will I try to plan the world for God. I shall thank Him that He has done it so well!”

Everything in nature carries in it the mark of the Creator. The psalmist says that the entire earth is given witness to the glory of God through the beauty and action in the sky. Still men turn their eyes from the heights and scan the earth trying to find support for a theory that disregards the Creator and traces the history of man to a beginning other than that stated in the Bible.

With the testimony of nature so strong, one wonders why men reject the reality of God’s existence. Desire must be father to their action. Some would rather not accept the truth of God for fear of being accountable to Him for their sins.

Their escape route is a deception. They are still accountable. As are we all.