The King Is Coming

World conditions could make us despair if we did not have the Bible. Though men have been seeking peace among the nations for generations, wars continue.

PEACE, What a word it is for men to hear;
With peace within there is no room for fear;
Yet peace escapes the fervent search of man;
He cannot find it, though he thinks he can.

William Howard Taft once wrote, “The battlefield as a place of settlement of disputes is gradually yielding to arbitral courts of justice. The interests of great masses are not being sacrificed as in former times to the selfishness, ambitions, and aggrandizement of the sovereigns.” But Mr. Taft wrote those words in 1911 and the world’s most deadly conflicts have been fought since then.

The Bible speaks of continuing wars and rumors of wars. Old Testament prophets wrote of the last days as being a time of unparalleled weaponry. Small nations as well as the great are pictured in preparation for war. And what a war it will be!

Thankfully, Christ will come and end the final war, known as The Battle of Armageddon. He will return in power and great glory, bringing His church with Him. Man’s evil nature will finally have run its course. The Lord will set up His Kingdom and the earth will know real peace.

Through faith, we know His peace within today.