The Lost Sheep

In his book, “Addresses On Luke,” Dr. H. A. Ironside shared an experience from a visit to a sheep ranch. He wrote:

“Years ago I was staying with friends who had a great sheep ranch, and one evening we were awaiting supper until the husband came home. We expected him to arrive about six o’clock, but he was late. When he came into the house he said to his wife, ‘My dear, I shall have to drink a cup of coffee and eat only a snack tonight, for as I came from the station I heard the bleating of a lost lamb, and I must hurry and find it before the coyotes or rattlesnakes get it.’ I was amazed to see that man’s interest in one lost lamb. He and a friend had more than five thousand sheep, and literally thousands of lambs; and yet that one lost lamb had such a place in his heart that he could not resist going out in the night to find it. I said, as we went along a narrow trail, ‘You nave so many sheep and lambs, I wonder why you are so concerned about one.’ He said, ‘I would not be able to sleep tonight for thinking about that little lamb out in the wilderness, and perhaps torn into pieces by the coyotes or bitten by a rattler.’ “

The concern of Jesus for lost sheep is far greater than that of any earthly shepherd. Those who doubt that may simply follow the trial of sorrows to the cross where He died to save the lost.

He cares.