The Virgin Birth

Belief in the virgin birth of Christ is a must if you accept the Bible as the Word of God. For centuries the prophets had been pointing toward the hour of the incarnation. Isaiah had written that the promised child would be born of a virgin (Isaiah 7:14). The New Testament writers agree. Matthew’s quote of Isaiah’s prophecy settles the matter.

The virgin birth of Christ is a miracle that must be accepted by faith. Some are always trying to find ways to make miracles understandable. These faithless ones seek for a shallow place in the Red Sea through which the children of Israel could have crossed; a whale that could have swallowed Jonah and kept him alive for three days; a spring beneath a rock for Moses to strike in order to give water to his people and a wooden axe head to float when Elisha need to aid the troubled prophet. Away with such folly! We have a God of miracles. And the virgin birth of Christ is one of those miracles.

The virgin birth of Christ is symbolic of the miracle of new birth that the Saviour will work in you if you come to Him and receive Him by faith. It is not enough to believe that Christ is capable of miracles. You can believe that and be lost. You can believe the historical facts about Jesus and be lost. But you can come to Him as a sinner and receive Him by faith and be saved. Be saved today.