The Warnings of God

In describing Herod’s effort to destroy Jesus, DeWitt Talmadge wrote: “In a sense it was the narrowest and most wonderful escape of the ages that the child was not slain before he had taken his first step or spoken his first word. Herod could not afford to have him born. The great oppressions and abominations of the world could not afford to have him born. ‘Put him to death!’ was the order all up and down Palestine,” BUT THAT ORDER WAS NEVER CARRIED OUT, though hundreds of infants died in Herod’s wicked slaughter. Both the wise men and Joseph were warned by God of danger to the child and their action caused Herod’s plan to fail. God often warns us through His Word today.

God’s warnings are to change the direction of our lives. The wise men departed into their own country another way. That move of obedience likely spared their lives as well as that of Jesus. If God has warned you about sin or disobedience through the reading of His Word, change the direction of your life.

God’s warnings are to deliver us from the destroyer. Herod was but the human instrument. Satan is the destroyer. It was his plan that Jesus came to thwart. He is the killer who stalks the human race, the enemy of God and man. Heed the warnings of God’s Word and enjoy abundant life instead of yielding to the tempter, the destroyer.

God’s warnings are to bring our lives into the design of His Word. Joseph and Mary took Jesus as directed to fulfill the Scriptures. Obey the warnings of God so that your life will be blessed, conformed to the design of His Word.