Time to Pray

When trouble came, Daniel was prayed up.

This faithful prophet was in the habit of prayer.

The fact that Daniel had a regular time for prayer reveals that he counted prayer worthy of his time. He did not consider time spent in prayer wasted. If we were to total the hours most Christians spend in prayer the sum would be woefully small.


Because too many discount the importance of prayer.

Some claim to be doers while allowing others to do the praying. The truth is that most successful Christian doers are mighty in prayer. That is the reason they accomplish so much.

Since prayer is conversation with God, our Father must be grieved that we do not spend more time praying. Would not an earthly parent’s heart be broken if his children considered all other activities more important than conversing with him? How shall we answer for our lack of prayer when we appear at the Judgment Seat of Christ? (See 2 Corinthians 5:10.)

Daniel’s faithful praying saved his life. God answered his prayers and the lions were unable to harm him. Even King Darius was moved by the miracle and sent a proclamation throughout the kingdom telling of Daniel’s deliverance by the Lord.

A lion’s den may await.

Take time to pray.