Total Surrender

Christ had all of Paul. From the time of that experience on the road to Damascus until he finished his earthly course, he was a totally surrendered man. He counted all things loss for Christ,

A number of things were important to Paul before that lifelong surrender. There had been his pride of ancestry, his position as a Pharisee, his respect among his people, his future as a leader among them. Now all those things were counted but loss. Eternal things had priority, Christ was Lord of his life.

There is but one area through which we gain by total surrender. On the battlefield, surrender means defeat. However, in our walk with God, surrender means victory. It speaks of complete agreement with His will. And this is the greatest choice in life.

Paul’s total surrender allowed him to reach his goal in life — the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Few reach their goals. Youthful dreams often turn to nightmares. Castles tumble. Hopes crumble. Ideals are compromised for the sake of convenience. Not many arrive at their chosen destinations in life. But here was a man who surrendered and won. He discovered the way to blessing was in giving everything over to his Lord. And he never regretted it.

It is not too late for total surrender. You can abdicate the throne of your life in favor of Christ. That is the road to personal revival and blessing. Others may not understand, as was the case with Paul, but how many of his contemporaries do you know by name?

Give Christ first place in your heart.