Treasures in Heaven

Shortly after the death of her aged Christian father, a young lady visited his associate in business. He was not a Christian and had lived only to amass riches.

The business partner said to the grieving daughter, “Your father was a good man. He lived for God and others. His chief joy was to bring happiness to others. I have never known a man more generous with his money. Right up to the end of his beautiful life, His thoughts were of others. In death he went to his riches. In death, I will leave the riches which I could have used for God and others.”

The paradox of this conversation is the realization by the surviving partner of the real issues of life and his unwillingness to do anything about them.

There are many like him.

A. J. Gordon wrote: “I warn you that it will go hard with you when the Lord comes to reckon with you if He finds your wealth hoarded up in needless accumulation instead of being carefully devoted to giving the Gospel to the lost.”

The bank of heaven awaits deposits by those who have been born again. Entrusted with time, talents and material possessions, we have the opportunity to invest them for Christ and in so doing we lay up treasures in heaven. Treasures there are untouchable.

How much will you deposit today?

Heaven’s deposit may require an earthly withdrawal of funds.

Are you willing to reinvest?