Troubles Over Tears Gone

We live in a world of grief and God has graciously provided tears as a safety valve for our emotional and physical survival. Were it not for the ability to weep, many would break down… come apart.

Nor is it a sign of weakness to shed tears, Jesus wept (John 11:35).

Still we look forward to that day when tears are unnecessary because all trouble is
over. And that good day is coming!

Death will be gone.

Sorrow will be gone.

Pain will be gone.

Because sin will be gone.

What is it that has you upset today? Are you troubled about world conditions? Do family problems loom large before your mind? Are financial woes weighing you down? Has health taken wings? Are you in pain? Do you fear the outcome of some present conflict? Has a friend betrayed or deserted you? Have you lost a loved one in death? Do tears come unwanted?

Look upward and onward.

Christ is coming. Time is moving swiftly to its end. Signs of our Lord’s return are all about. If you know Him as your Saviour, thank Him for that coming day when He will wipe all tears from your eyes.

If you have not received Him as your Saviour, do not delay one more day. Come to Him as you are, turning from your sins to Him and taking Him by faith as your personal Saviour and Lord. Prepare for that great day!