Unfeigned Love

“I love him, but…” often precedes a tirade of sanctified slander. Sometimes the gossip is guised as a prayer request or finished with a postscript: “I just thought you ought to know — I’ve said this in Christian love.”

But is this love? Not at all! It is Pseudo love — fake love — malice masquerading as love. And God hates it (Proverbs 6:19).

Genuine Christian love is not fake. It is unfeigned. Real love doesn’t have to be explained. Excuses are not needed when acts of heartfelt love are performed. All who hear or see Christian love in action know it is the real thing.

Love does not defend itself. It takes wrong rather than cast doubt on another. Love flows outward, seeking opportunities to serve rather than expecting to be served. Like Jesus, those who love live to minister, not to be ministered unto.

Paul’s love for Christ and the souls of men kept him going in all kinds of difficulties. Beatings, imprisonments, hunger, labours and distresses were his way of life. No matter. Christ and others were more important than his comfort or even his life.

No wonder churches were planted and multitudes saved through the ministry of this man of God. His was a service of love. Love unfeigned.

What is the quality of your love? Have you been pretending?

Allow the love of Christ to flow through you today. Others will notice and know it is love unfeigned.