We are bird-watchers. Beginning in the early fall, we stock our backyard bird feeder and watch the feathered drama there through the cold winter months. The beauty and temperament of God’s flying creatures amaze and amuse us. The action there is a scene we wouldn’t miss.

Jesus drew lessons from the birds and they play other prominent roles in the Bible. Noah dispatched birds to see if the flood had ended sufficiently to embark from the ark. Elijah was fed by the ravens during the long drought that had come upon his land.

God’s care of the birds is revealed in the statement of Jesus that not one sparrow can fall to the ground without the Father’s notice. Hence the song, “His Eye Is on the Sparrow.” Nothing escapes the Father’s view and all His creatures are objects of His concern and care.

But people are of more value than birds. Truth about the care of God for animals and birds should increase our confidence in the care of God for people. Every flying bird should remind us that God loves us and that He is concerned with our welfare and safety.

Martin Luther was once rebuked for being depressed by hearing a bird singing outside his window. A humorous sign says, “Cheer up! Birds have bills and they keep singing.”

Put your fears to the sparrow test.

Know that He cares for you!