What Do You Have?

How easy it is to overlook blessings already ours! The late T. DeWitt Talmage demanded an inventory of present possessions, writing: “It is high time you began to thank God for present blessing. Thank Him for your children, happy, buoyant, and bounding. Praise Him for your home, with its fountain of song and laughter. Adore Him for morning light and evening shadow. Praise Him for fresh, cool water, bubbling from the rock, leaping in the cascade, soaring in the mist, falling in the shower, dashing against the rock, and clapping its hands in the tempest. Love Him for the grass that cushions the earth, and the clouds that curtain the sky, and the foliage that waves in the forest. Thank Him for a Bible to read, and a cross to gaze upon and a Saviour to deliver.”

William R. Newell says of our text, “but mark that great word ‘content,’ that God uses to describe that state of heart pleasing to Him in His people. ‘Content with such things as ye have.’ Would that these words described all Christians!”

What do you have?

Do you have health?

Do you have food enough for today?

Do you have shelter… a home?

Do you have a Bible? A home church?

Do you have friends? Family members who love you? Lift your heart in praise for what you have.

And remember that God is the giver.